Facilitator Training

Effective Meetings Coming soon!

You lead people and use meetings to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate.  You want those meetings to be crisp, productive, and engaging.  Learn the core facilitation techniques for leading effective meetings with your staff, team, or committee. 

1/2 day seminar

Facilitator Fundamentals Coming soon!

Facilitator Fundamentals teaches the basic competencies of an effective meeting facilitator.  Learn what tools facilitators use to identify and manage meeting waste. Discover how to anticipate, prevent, and resolve the things that disrupt and derail meetings.   Explore tools to help groups debate then decide, diagnose then solve, envision then create, and plan then execute.  Learn ways to engage, energize, and focus a group to get results.

1 day workshop

Facilitator Huddle Coming soon!

Don't just get trained - get good at it.  The Facilitator Huddle is designed to help you master the science and practice the art of facilitation.  In this application-oriented workshop get professional, real-time, personal coaching and video analysis as you facilitate through a full range of meeting situations.  Invest four days and learn how to cut four days of waste per month in your organization.

3 day skill building workshop

Design your own Available now!

Gather your organization's team leaders and equip them with exactly what they need to achieve more in the meetings they run every day.  Customize your training to address the challenges and tools you encounter most.  

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Achieve More Newsletter

Available now!

The Achieve More Newsletter is designed to help people who lead meetings achieve more - one tip at a time.  Find tips for common meeting problems, tips to help teams perform better, and tips to turn strategy in to action. 

  • More effective meetings
  • Strengthening team performance
  • Strategic thinking and action
  • Leading people who meet to decide, plan, create, or solve.
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Personal Coaching

Available now!

Can't afford time away for training?  Need to get up to speed quickly?  Need help with a specific meeting or team challenge?  Huddle up with one of our meeting experts to take your meeting leadership skills to the next level.

Contact an Executive Huddle expert for personal facilitator coaching.