Customer Comments

"Thank you so much for your tremendous efforts working with us.  You did a great job interacting with the group on so many levels - on a personal level, leading them through the exercises, keeping on time, providing instructions, motivating them, etc.  The event went very smoothly."  - Doug S, marketing manager, manufacturer

"Jim helped the group to meet it's time constraints and achieve our overall goals.  He certainly should be part of the future meetings." - Dennis R, President, heavy equipment retailer

"Great prep & execution. Tough crowd and forum was handled very well." - Ray S, CEO, software company

"We were so pleased to have you. You really helped us in an exercise in ministry that will truly make a difference in the years to come." - Terry P, Senior Pastor, community church

"I know everyone that attended had to walk away with something that was really meaningful. You have a very special gift to be able to lead and move people as you do. I really enjoyed the process and how things unfolded." - Carl R, Plant Manager, manufacturing

"This is great. You're hitting the target on the bulls eye." - Cliff H, CEO, community hospital

"Jim understood what was needed to accomplished the objectives laid out for him. He was given a specific task and hit the mark well." - Emily H, Counselor, non-profit counseling center